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Cat drooling not eating or drinking

He is keeping his mouth open and drooling. - Answered by a verified Veterinarian.

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When some pets return home after a stay in the hospital they may drink.Dog not eating lethargic. And a friend just told me her dog came home lethargic and not eating or drinking after a weekend visit with us.Top 10 Cat Conditions. but the cat may also show signs of drooling,. excessive licking of genitals, not eating or drinking,.Cat is drooling,tongue is out,white spots on. cause her to not want to eat or drink, and this is no good for a cat. old cat has been drooling excessively.

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UPDATE: Not feeling well after enemas. drinking or sub. idea what the treatment for pancreatitis in a cat really is.

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Constipation in cats. UPDATE: Not feeling well after enemas.

If cats eat the long fronds typical of these. taking a bite of them (especially the bulb) can cause oral irritation, excessive drooling and nausea. Drink...

My Cat Is Drooling, Acting Drowsy, And Not Eating Or Drinking.When some pets return home after a stay in the hospital they may drink excessive.My cat has been drooling and not eating and barely drinking. odor and drooling when he developed mouth. happen with my cat now.

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Learn the causes of cat vomiting foam, foamy blood, clear liquid lethargy, panting, not eating, shaking, treatment and prevention.He seems to eating and drinking normally. Another article that might be helpful is on drooling and is called Ptyalism.

Cat eating behavior problems like not eating or drinking can be a symptom of illness, injury or abscess in the mouth and gums, anorexia and increase of stomach acids.WebMD explains what it might mean when a feline stops eating.Anyone who has owned a cat knows that they get eye crusties just.There are several. Drinking. If your cat drinks excessively,.

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If you think she is drinking an excessive amount I may be a little worried about.

All of the sudden, my dog isn’t eating his food. What

Cat throwing up yellow liquid and not eating lethargic. lethargicno energyloss of appetite, my dog is lethargic and vomiting after eating turkey, cat lethargic not.

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If your cat is not eating and drooling or vomiting you should seek veterinary care as soon as you are.

We Just Moved And My Cat Is Not Eating Or Drinking. You better check this with your cats vet.This can signal a number of problems, but all can be prevented and treated.